Let’s talk a little about maintaining the reliability and safety of your vehicle.

Due to advanced technology and machining, most cars that are well maintained will run for 200,000 miles or more. In order for your vehicle’s service life to reach 200,000 miles, you need to know the manufacturer’s recommended intervals (mileage or time) for service and adhere to them. Neglecting the service recommendations can result in premature wear and increased long-term costs.
Checking the oil level, understanding the functions of the gauges, paying attention to the warning lights and knowing what is normal for your car will save you time and money.
The Owner’s Manual is a valuable guide!

Be sure to speak with your auto technician about the long-term service requirements and associated costs and timing for your make and model car so that you can plan for them.
Purchase replacement parts that are equal in quality to those the manufacturer would use. Some ‘after market’ (non-original) parts fail soon after installation. There may be a cost difference, but a part that fails will result in additional cost, time and inconvenience.

Don’t forget that your driving habits impact your car. Hard driving causes more stress on all systems!