Auto Repair Services in San Rafael

Our focus is:

  • Extending the service life of your vehicle
  • Keeping you and every member of your family in a safe well-maintained vehicle

We have 35 years of experience and expertise in:

  • Engine and Electrical Systems
  • Drivability Problems
  • Brakes and Drive Train
  • Scheduled Maintenance

We will alert you to:

  • Any potential problems
  • Develop a plan to address them
  • And keep your vehicle on the road



Computer Diagnostics

Computer Diagnosis and On-Line Information

We utilize up-to-date computerized scanners for diagnosis and on-line repair information for pattern failures and diagnostic and repair procedures.


Driveability Issues

Indications of Driveability Problems

  • A new noise, heard when turning
  • Lack of performance and/or responsiveness when driving
  • Early evaluation can save money, time and inconvenience

Call us or make an appointment if any of these issues come up.


Mini/Minor/Major Repairs

Mini – Minor – Major Services

We follow the manufacturer’s recommendations so that your vehicle performs reliably and so you can avoid major repairs.


Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance Procedures

You can perform these easy (and free!) preventative maintenance procedures:

  • Check your oil every time you get gas
  • Keep an eye on your gauges and warning lights
  • If you have a question, call or email your tech